Monday, January 31, 2011

Goodbye Spring...Hello Winter!

When I lived in North Dakota, we used to joke about the weather, saying if you didn't like it, just wait a minute and it will change. While that was somewhat true, I learned that Texas does it in spades.

From a balmy 73F the past two days, we are expecting heavy thunderstorms be followed by possible snow, before temperatures drop into the high teens Tuesday night.

The gas company came out this morning to hook up the propane line to my new generator, so I now have fuel to burn. The electrician was supposed to call me last week to set up an appointment to install the wiring, but so far I haven't heard anything from him. I suppose the coming storm will cause a power outage and the backup system won't be ready for use. I can run an extention cord from the generator to the house, but that will only power lights and a few other things. Better than nothing, but it would be nice to have the full system on line.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Gloomy Day

It looked like the Pacific Northwest outside today. Temps in the mid-40's and moderately heavy rain most of the day. I woke up with some kind of stomach bug this morning, and the weather isn't helping my disposition. Attitudes will improve when it to begins to warm up again.

I wonder if we're going to have an early spring. The Goldfinches at the feeder have more color than I've ever seen at this time of the year. One little male is almost entirely yellow already. They also have a ravenous appetite and manage to empty a tube feeder of thistle seeds in less than two days.

The Purple Martins must also be planning on an early migration. Many scouts have been spotted, with some as far north as Atlanta and the San Antonio area. They are about a week earlier than normal.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Unchained Melody

Has any song been recorded by more artists than Unchained Melody? This Floyd Cramer version is my favorite.

Ego Buster

Billions of mysteries to solve, and our president wants NASA's new mission to be Muslim outreach, not exploration. So much to learn, and we get all wrapped up in political correctness and social agendas.

Somehow I think life on our tiny planet would be a bit more livable if every time we became a little full of ourselves we'd stop and consider the immensity of the universe.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

What it Means

I don't often keep track of famous quotes, or who they might be attributed to, but I think it was Churchill who said that America and England were two countries divided by a common language. Modern political correctness has further extended that humorous truism to the thought processes that influence the American language differences between the left coast and flyover country.

For your daily chuckle....I can't get the link to work, so you'll have to copy and paste.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Jury Duty Again

This is the third time I've been called in the three years I've lived in East Texas. I was called twice during the 10 years I lived in North Texas, and six times while living in Washington.

I've more than done my share of jury duty, and my attitude is such that any lawyer with half a brain will recognize it and excuse me from the panel. The last time I was called in Washington, I was asked by the judge during voir dire questioning if I had ever served on a jury. When I told him I had been on several, he asked if I enjoyed the experience. I said no, and when he asked me why not, I told him that I had seen lots of law being practiced, but not much justice being dispensed. I was excused.

What really burns me is the low number of Hispanics summoned. The Hispanic population is approximately 25% in Smith County, yet out of 300 citizens summoned the last time I served, during roll call I counted less than a dozen with Hispanic surnames. If jury duty was to represent a cross section of society, there should have been over seventy, so I have to conclude that either most Hispanics in the county are illegals and ineligible to serve, or they are not doing their civic duty.

If there isn't a somewhat representative Hispanic turnout tomorrow, I'm going to contact the paper and ask them to do some investigative reporting. After all, since almost half of those charged with crimes are Hispanic, they should have a jury of their peers deciding their guilt or innocence.

Just remember, if you are ever charged with a crime, your fate will be decided by 12 people who weren't smart enough to figure a way to get out of jury duty!