Saturday, November 6, 2010

November 6th

November 6th, has always been a day to remember, as it was my dad’s birthday and for some reason it was the one birthday I never forgot. Now, that date will be etched even deeper in my memory, but not for the joy of celebrating someone’s birth.

My first wife…the mother of my children…passed last night. Barely seventy, in a time when octogenarians are the rule, she was far too young to go. I’ll leave writing her eulogy to those who are more deserving and more talented, and will only say that the world is not a better place with her gone. Too many people will miss her kindness and selflessness.

The second loss of the day was our oldest Shar Pei, Belle. If those who believe in reincarnation are correct, somewhere a loving, happy, gentle, soul arrived on this earth the moment she left. Only minutes before she died, she found the strength to wag her tail when I stroked her head. She was a good dog, and we loved her like a child.

Be it human or animal that is stricken, cancer is indeed an evil disease.